FDA Issues Fact Sheet on Menu Labeling

The agency reiterated its desire to work with foodservice establishments to help them comply with the rules.

August 14, 2019

WASHINGTON—The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a fact sheet to inform stakeholders about the agency’s continued efforts to implement menu labeling in chain restaurants and similar retail food establishments. The goal of the menu labeling requirements is to provide consumers with consistent nutrition information for standard menu items (including food on display and self-service foods) in chain restaurants or similar retail food establishments.

The agency stated it is committed to working flexibly with establishments to help them achieve compliance. To meet this goal, the FDA said it will carry out a number of activities:

Provide continued support for industry stakeholders. The FDA will continue to work with industry stakeholders to support their implementation activities by responding to training requests and email inquiries (calorielabeling@fda.hhs.gov). Stakeholder questions and input have helped the agency tailor its resources for the industry, specifically the development of fact sheets and a Menu Labeling Training Module that the agency announced in 2018. These tools are designed to educate stakeholders on how to comply with menu labeling requirements. The FDA said it plans to work cooperatively with chain restaurants or similar retail food establishments and continue to offer training and additional resources on general menu labeling requirements to industry stakeholders, including trade associations, as needed.

Assess implementation progress to inform further education and outreach. FDA is also planning to assess general industry implementation of the primary components of the menu labeling requirements including:

  • Posting calorie information on menus and menu boards for all standard menu items;
  • Disclosing calorie information on signs adjacent to foods on display and self-service foods that are standard menu items;
  • Including succinct statements concerning suggested daily caloric intake and statements of availability for written nutrition information on menus and menu boards; and
  • Having required written nutrition information available on the premises of the chain restaurant or similar retail food establishment upon request.
The agency also reiterated its willingness to work with trade associations and consumer groups on this issue.