Snickers Rolls Out Mobile App Promo

Candy manufacturer also supports moving Halloween to Saturday.

August 01, 2019

MCLEAN, Va.—Snickers, the popular candy bar marketed by Mars, and Walmart have launched a micro-gifting campaign to engage smartphone users amid “the negativity displayed across thousands of mobile screens daily,” according to a report from

Dubbed the “Big Mood” program, the promo charges participants $1.65 to send a personal message and a gift card redeemable for a Snickers bar at any Walmart store. Users simply text “BIG MOOD” to 62770, or scan a QR code on a “Big Mood” display at Walmart to place the Snickers gift card order. Snickers also will direct gift-givers to a microsite for ordering.

Gift-givers also can send one of six custom videos created by rapper and YouTube star Caleon Fox, featuring comic themes like “Lovey Dovey,” “Surprised Like Whoa” and “Ferociously Hungry” to communicate assorted sentiments. Fox has more than 280,000 followers on YouTube, which gives Snickers the opportunity to reach millennial and Gen Z consumers who are familiar with mobile technology.

“Big Mood” is a multichannel effort underpinned by mobile-based technologies, such as SMS texting and QR code scanning at in-store displays, e-gift card fulfillment and online payments. The campaign runs through September.

In addition to “Big Mood,” Snickers is gaining publicity for supporting an online petition to move the official date of Halloween from Oct. 31 to the last Saturday in October, and the company has promised to give away one million free Snickers bars if the U.S. government changes the date. Supporters say that the move to a Saturday will make the holiday safer for kids and less hectic for parents. Plus, the change would result in more purchases of Halloween candy, which reached an estimated $2.6 billion in sales last year.