AT&T’s The Lounge Will Serve Coffee by Robot

The concept store in Seattle will combine a coffeehouse, hangout space and retail store.

September 26, 2018

SEATTLE – AT&T’s The Lounge will offer coffee served by robots, who will brew cups using precision technology, Marketing Daily reports. The concept store also will have a retail store and space for customers to simply hang out.

Customers will order and pay for coffee and food via a custom app. Ada’s Discovery Café, a local business, is working with AT&T on the café portion of the store. “Ada’s Discovery Café will feature sophisticated coffee robots that will use precision technology to brew coffee as perfectly as possible, a task that a human simply cannot replicate,” AT&T said in its announcement.

Customers also will have access to a digital category via a large, 4K screen or their own device to place product orders. Once payment is complete, customers will access a secure locker onsite for their purchase. “We want it to be a second living room for Capitol Hill residents, both AT&T and non-AT&T customers, to meet up, work and hang out,” said Jeff Bradley, West region president at AT&T.

“We have a super-fast network in The Lounge, so people can work remotely, stream their favorite content or just relax and drink coffee,” Bradley said. “What makes this space so unique is a design and layout that embodies the Capitol Hill neighborhood, the collaboration with a local small business, Ada’s Discovery Café, and an innovative digital shopping experience.”

The Lounge is one of the 1,000 new store locations AT&T announced it would open by the end of next year.