Gen Z Reveals 100 Favorite Brands

Americans born after 1997 prefer socially conscious brands that they can connect with on social media.

September 18, 2018

NEW YORK – Generation Z, or the demographic cohort born after 1997, is getting some serious attention from advertisers these days. Ypulse, a New York youth marketing firm, interviewed 8,494 Gen Z consumers on 332 brands. It then ranked the brands based on consumers’ awareness, past purchase, loyalty and perceived personality and influence.

Bobby Calise, vice president of Ybrands, told Business Insider that “these brands won over Gen Z because of their ability to convince young adults of their coolness and momentum.” He also mentioned “their preference to buy from brands with expressed stances on social causes.”

You can view the entire list on Business Insider, but here are where a few c-store staples stand:

52. Ben and Jerry’s: The social activism surrounding the Vermont-based ice-cream resonates with Gen Z, who is drawn to the brand’s YouTube channel featuring videos on climate change and sustainability.

22. Little Debbie: Little Debbie has maintained its reputation as a low-cost snack choice, which is appealing for frugal Gen Z. The brand also has a beloved social media presence.

15. Gatorade: The popular sports drink is targeted toward young athletes who are digital natives.  

6. M&M’s: M&Ms has high social media engagement and works with top influencers, including actress Emma Roberts.

5. Hershey: Hershey has pivoted to snacking options while working with Facebook to roll out creative ways to announce new products.

3. Oreo: Oreo often is driving the conversation by introducing weird new flavors and shocking consumers, such as Swedish Fish, Banana Split Creme, Candy Corn and Watermelon.

2. Doritos: Touted by Business Insider as “one of the most successful snack foods ever,” Doritos continues to appeal to Gen Zs with its “perfectly-engineered taste.”