If You Hack It, They Will Come

Digital disruptor Bonin Bough sheds light on the power of mobile media.

October 08, 2018

LAS VEGAS – To most people, Oreos and Honey Maid graham crackers are a satisfying snack, but to Bonin Bough, they’re a vehicle for world-changing viral marketing. Bough, a disruptive digital guru, speaker, author and—on occasion—a self-proclaimed novice psychiatrist, kicked off the 2018 NACS Show on Sunday with rapt enthusiasm.

In today’s technology-powered society, where more millennials have cell phones than toothbrushes or deodorant and the average age that kids receive cell phones is 12 years old, status quo isn’t good enough, said Bough. “Every day you need to reinvent yourself anew,” he said.

Studies show that text messaging is as addictive as cocaine, and that people are eager to get personal over the phone or on social media. This, combined with Bough’s unconventional perspective and conviction, led him to publish a book called Txt Me, in which he put his phone number on the cover. His purpose for the book is simple: “Your phone has changed your life. Let’s talk about it.”

So, how do you reinvent the wheel? Bough’s answer is something he calls “hackonomy—creating value by breaking things.”

“You have to hack your own thinking,” he said. “You have to be fearless to change the future of marketing by doing things everyone else was afraid to do.”

Bough’s model of consumer engagement includes:

  • Rethink mobile
  • Engage in real time
  • Monetize media
  • Aspire and allocate
  • Leverage TV/video
  • Understand culture versus cluster

It’s not all about collecting consumer data, said Bough. Although this is very important, you have to figure out how to use consumer interaction with media to create products—or services—in real time. Investment also is critical.

“You can inspire to do something, but unless you can allocate the time and—most important—the resources, it will never happen.”

Bough allotted 10% of marketing funds into social media campaigns, and it paid off. Mobile Marketing Association named him “Mobile Marketer of the Year” three times in a row. He and his teams are the brains behind global digital movements such as #thisiswholesome and “You can still dunk in the dark.”

Despite all the times he heard “it’s going to fail” or “no one will go for it” or “you’re crazy,” Bough persisted, proving his discernment and determination.

“If you’re relentless about breaking what you did yesterday to make what you need to tomorrow for your customers, it can pay dividends,” he said.

Text Bough at 646-759-1837 with #NACS, and he will provide a copy of his book for free.