McDonald’s Freshens Chicken Meals

The chain is testing made-to-order tenders and Ultimate Chicken Sandwiches.

October 31, 2018

CHICAGO – McDonald’s has started a pilot program that makes two chicken menu items fresh, Nation’s Restaurant News reports. In 160 Washington state restaurants, chicken tenders and the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich are made-to-order.

“This is just a test, and we will use this test to gather feedback from customers and employees about the new choices,” said Andrea Abate, a McDonald’s spokeswoman. “It’s premature to speculate on the decisions we may make after the test, but we’re excited to offer the Ultimate Chicken Sandwich and Ultimate Chicken Tenders to our customers in this test market.”

Both chicken menu items contain all-white chicken that’s breaded and seasoned before being “made to order” onsite. “Our focus on menu innovation is essential as we continue to evolve and build a better McDonald’s,” said Linda VanGosen, McDonald’s vice president of menu innovation.

McDonald’s has been rolling out changes to its menu slowly, removing artificial ingredients from seven burgers, using fresh beef patties in its Quarter Pounders and introducing a new breakfast sandwich this week. QSRs have been focusing more on breakfast with boosted menus and new offerings.