Baltimore Considers Overnight Gas Station Permits

A councilmember would like retailers to have special permits to be open for business after midnight.

October 31, 2018

BALTIMORE – A Baltimore councilmember has introduced a measure that would require gasoline stations to have a permit to operate after midnight, the Baltimore Sun reports. City Councilman Bill Henry proposed the legislation to curb crime.

The proposal has nine out of the 14 councilmembers as co-sponsors and comes after a number of other anti-crime measures that have targeted liquor and convenience stores.

Under current city law, many businesses need a license to be open between the hours of 12:00 am and 5:00 am, and are required to renew the $460 fee license each year. However, businesses such as liquor stores and gas stations are exempt from this mandate.

This is the latest regulation that would affect Baltimore’s small businesses. Recently the council banned foam cups and containers and prohibited restaurants from promoting sodas on kids’ menus.

Henry said he would consider an amendment to allow gas stations to keep their pumps open overnight without a license for pay-at-the-pump customers only.