The Ultimate Road Trip

Gas Station Gourmet Al Hebert and Gas Buddy’s Frank Beard are driving 2,500 miles to the NACS Show in Las Vegas.

October 03, 2018

LAFAYETTE, La. – What better way to take the pulse of America’s convenience stores than a 2,500-mile road trip? That’s what Al Hebert of Gas Station Gourmet and Frank Beard with Gas Buddy are doing on their way to the NACS Show in Las Vegas.

On Monday, the pair embarked from Lafayette, Lousiana, and plan to drive through Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada to arrive in Las Vegas on Saturday. Along the way, Hebert and Beard are visiting and eating at an average of eight convenience stores each day.

Follow their weeklong journey on Twitter and LinkedIn by searching for the hashtag #NACSroadtrip.

For a recap of last year’s adventure, read “Road Trippin’” from the December 2017 NACS Magazine.