A Permanent Promotion

Lou Perrine’s Gas & Grocery celebrated its birthday with free Lou Perrine’s tattoos.

October 29, 2018

KENOSHA, Wis. – Would you get a brand’s tattoo for free stuff? At least 15 loyal Lou Perrine’s Gas & Grocery customers did last week, lining up to get a free store-related tattoo, plus other incentives, Kenosha News reports. The promotion was in celebration of the store’s 64th birthday.

The first 15 people at Talulah Tattoo got a free Lou Perrine’s tattoo, plus a $100 store gift card. Those who picked the Lou Perrine’s logo as their tattoo get double points on the store’s loyalty program for a year, while those whose tattoo proclaimed their love for the store’s signature Mama P’s Ho Ho Cake get a free slice each day for a year.

Austin Spohr was the first customer to receive a tattoo, opting for the store logo on his left shoulder. “I grew up around Lou Perrine’s, so I figured why not,” said Spohr. Carrie Dixon, the second person in line, said she was doing it “because I’m a loyal customer. Lou Perrine’s treats its customers right. They have good gas, and their points system is amazing.”

On October 19, owner Anthony Perrine announced the promotion while getting the store logo inked on his left shoulder during a Facebook Live video. “It’s fun and crazy and unique,” said Perrine. “We have really tried to promote our brand and let customers know we’re here for them. My employees and customers are the reason we’re here. They’re the two most important things to us.”

While most of the 15 customers getting tattoos opted for the Lou Perrine’s logo, several decided on the Mama P’s Ho Ho Cake tattoo. Laurie Perrine, Anthony’s mother, makes the cake daily. The cakes come in original, Butterfinger, Heath, Oreo and seasonal flavors, which this fall is Caramel Apple.

To read the Gas Station Gourmet’s take on Lou Perrine’s and get a glimpse of a 10-pound Mama P’s Ho Ho Cake, see “Homegrown Excellence” in the September issue of NACS Magazine.