Japanese C-Stores Woo Workers With Perks

With a continuing labor shortage, chains are offering employees child day care and steep discounts on home appliances and electronics.

October 19, 2018

TOKYO – As Japan’s convenience stores continue to scramble to fill positions, chains are turning to unique perks to entice potential employees and keep current workers happy, the Nikkei Asian Review reports.

For example, FamilyMart has joined with Iris Ohyama—maker of home products—to give part-time FamilyMart workers up to 60% off home appliances. The trial run in the Hokkaido and Tohoku regions has been very successful, and FamilyMart soon will offer the benefits to all Japanese stores. The c-store will expand the discounts to include travel, food and daily necessities, among other services and products, in the future. The discounts would be available to employees roughly each quarter.

Incentives offered by Seven-Eleven Japan include three day-care centers and discounts on travel and hotels through Relo Group partnership. About half of the company’s part-time and full-time workers have used the discounts. Meanwhile, Lawson provides employee discounts on books, DVDs and CDs.

Japanese c-stores also have tapped foreign workers to fill positions, with Seven-Eleven hiring more than 28,000 international employees—a bump of close to 40% over a year ago. Lawson has around 10,000 foreign part-time workers, an increase of nearly 70%.