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Welcome to Chicago

The 2021 NACS Show is bringing the industry back together.

Tailor-Made Education

Not sure which Education Session to attend? Let the attendee segments be your guide.

Keeping It Cool—and New

The Cool New Products Preview Room opens to retailers tomorrow.

On the Greener Side

Sustainability efforts reduce the NACS Show’s carbon footprint.

Tomorrow’s Schedule

Question of the Day

What is the biggest challenge facing your business today?

Mario Spina Headshot

Mario Spina

Owner & CEO, Parent Petroleum and The PRIDE stores
St. Charles, Illinois

Our biggest challenge is uncertainty. Uncertainty about future lockdowns, government regulations, labor shortages, product outages, customer expectations, plus many more. Our industry is always evolving and changing, but the past few years we have seen an acceleration of the pace of change in all these areas vastly beyond what I ever envisioned.

Keith King Headshot

Keith King

Director of Fuel Operations and Car Wash, Alimentation Couche-Tard
Moncton, Canada

This is the toughest labor market that we have ever experienced, so recruitment is top of mind for us and many other retailers. We are relentless in our efforts to maintain and increase employee engagement globally and to maintain our staffing levels with better training and onboarding to make sure that those that we do get in the door understand the job and are able to do it.

Colin Dornish Headshot

Colin Dornish

Senior Director of Operations, Coen Markets Inc.
Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

The biggest challenge our business and the industry as a whole is facing today is the building amount of uncertainty. The regulations stemming from the pandemic are causing retailers to react quickly and pivot on a dime to update existing protocols. Continuing to plan for the future while advocating for our industry is a main focus for retailers today.

Cool New Products

Welcome to Chicago!

We’re finally back together after two years apart! We’re so happy you’re here. Get ready for new products, new ideas and new connections at the world’s largest convenience industry event. Welcome to Chicago! Let’s have the best NACS Show yet.