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A special individual class of NACS membership, called Friends of NACS, has been created to provide an opportunity for more of the members of our industry to become involved in NACS. Federal law requires that prior to being solicited a person must be an individual member of the association or be authorized by their employer to be solicited.

By agreeing to become an individual member of NACS you will have the right to vote for a designated representative on the NACS Board of Directors and will receive a complimentary subscription to NACS Magazine and the NACS Daily. In addition, as a Friend of NACS you will receive exclusive insight into what is happening in Washington, D.C. We will provide you with quarterly reports about our efforts on behalf of your industry and on developing issues relevant to your business, and we'll let you know about opportunities to attend events where you can personally make your legislators aware of your concerns. There are no dues associated with a Friends of NACS individual membership. Your membership expires one year from the end of the current month, and you will automatically be sent a simple electronic renewal notice.

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For questions about Friend of NACS Membership, please contact Jon Taets