Thriving Through Change

Thriving Through Change


Working together, our industry solves tomorrow’s challenges so we can thrive today. We do this by providing industry knowledge, building connections and focusing on advocacy.

We coined these three areas as KCA—the guardrails for how we as an organization focus on staying ahead of the curve and delivering compelling and indispensable value to our global convenience and retail community.

K stands for knowledge. Our industry has an incredible thirst for knowledge and our robust content engine provides you with everything from how-tos to benchmarking to looking around corners at trends that shape the future of convenience. And we have an equally robust set of delivery mechanisms for you to consume information, data and analysis whenever and however you want, from web-based, store-level training to world-class executive education programs developed specifically for the industry.

C represents connections. At various meetings and events throughout the year, NACS facilitates connections at the retailer-to-retailer level or retailer-to-supplier level.  And, of course, how NACS facilitates networking opportunities for you at the NACS Show, the global meeting place for 25,000 attendees from 70-plus countries.

A is for advocacy. For many associations that means trying to minimize the impact that bad legislation can have on their members. At NACS, we look at advocacy differently. It’s about telling your story, shaping the future and taking the biggest issues head on, like swipe fees and the future of transportation. 

Three letters sum up what we do. Why it matters and how it affects you is highlighted throughout these pages. Our focus on KCA shows that our industry can and will thrive with change. 

Henry O. Armour
NACS President and CEO