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January 2010
Cover Story | Don't Look Now
Supermarkets continue to add convenience wherever possible to encourage one-stop shopping. Should convenience stores be worried?


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Feature | Bad Boys, Bad Boys...
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Organized retail theft grows as criminals target convenience stores with more sophisticated methods.

Feature | The Secrets to Innovative Menus
Retailers committed to inventive menus have built-in processes and disciplines to help them stay strategically focused, on-trend and on top of the competition.

Ideas 2 Go | Good Lottery Luck
If one of your customers is lucky enough to win the lottery, be prepared for media statements and slow sales.

Ideas 2 Go | Supermarket Lessons
Grocery stores help customers streamline mealtime solutions.

Inside Washington | How a Bill Becomes a Law
Schoolhouse Rock! may have educated us on conjunctions and interjections back in the 1970s, but how much of how a bill becomes law do we really remember?

Category Close-Up | Hot Dispensed Beverages
Today's convenience customer wants quality, value and lots of options.

Category Close-Up | Frozen Foods
With more consumers eating at home, frozen foods offer a quick and tasty alternative.

Global Trends | Getting Away with It?
Small retailers in the U.K. increasingly use supermarkets like wholesalers, shopping their unbeatable deals — and reselling them in their stores.

Public Speaking | Preparation, Not Memorization

PCI | A Day at the Breach
Brought to you by NACS EZ PCI.

A NACS from the Past | A Lotta Work for Nothing
Ten years ago, Y2K rang in the New Year to a big, well, nothing.

NACS CAFE | Food for Thought
A regular column brought to you by NACS CAFE.​