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February 2010
Cover Story | Small is Big
Retailers with one store — or as many as five — like their situation just fine, but they appreciate any help from suppliers.


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Feature | Standing Up for Part-Timers
A benefits package helps some convenience retailers keep their part-time workers on the payroll.

Feature | The Best of Both Food Worlds
By blending the food cultures of its Stripes stores with Town & Country Food Stores, Susser Holdings emerges with an expanded concept.

Feature | The Fast and the Furious
A cultural anthropologist's take on the rituals, habits and tribal life of convenience store customers.

Feature | Convenience Store Shift
The latest convenience store count reveals another decline from previous years.

Ideas 2 Go | 'Just' Expand Your Brand
The Flagship Peeps & Company store in Washington, D.C., gives a boost to a popular confectionery brand.

Ideas 2 Go | Know the Code
The FDA's 2009 Model Food Code can bring food safety excellence to your stores.

Inside Washington | Put Up Your Dukes!
Our interchange fight with banks arrives at a critical juncture with pending committee votes.

Global Trends | Underage Tobacco Possession
In Canada, retailers support efforts to ban the underage use and possession of tobacco.

Category Close-Up | Edible Grocery's Changing Face
With customers frequently looking for ready-to-eat products, will grocery staples soon become extinct?

Category Close-Up | Catching Up with the Catchall
The general merchandise category stays strong in a weak economy.

PCI | Too Small to Attract Hackers?
As I speak to retailers across the country on card issues, one sentiment about data security appears to be pervasive — "I operate a couple of stores in the middle of nowhere, so why should I be concerned about data security?"

The Supplier Side | What You Might Not Know...
As a NACS supplier member you have access to numerous and valuable member benefits.

A NACS from the Past | The A Club
In 1995 at the NACS Show in Chicago, NACS launched a new program designed to bring exclusive bene?ts to small retail operators: the A Club.​​