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NACS Foundations of Personal Leadership

Delivered at Your Location by a Certified NACS Trainer ​​​




​Building Soft Skills at the Front Line
The “foundations” of personal leadership are the soft skills and interpersonal skills that form the basis for customer-service excellence, team engagement, and a positive company environment. NACS has a core belief that everyone can be a leader, regardless of title, because everyone can role-model constructive behaviors that promote culture, customer centricity and business results. We think our members hold this belief, too, as you know the value of a skilled, engaged workforce. Research shows that it is more cost-effective to invest in the staff you have—and grow their interpersonal/customer service skills—than to recruit and onboard new employees.

A Program for Front Line Staff Members
Participants will be able to immediately apply the learnings from this program to their daily responsibilities. The real application from this training will enhance employees’ personal leadership, and their ability to think and behave differently will foster an outstanding culture for customers and colleagues.



The NACS Foundations of Personal Leadership Program is structured as follows:  
  • Delivered at your location by a certified NACS facilitator 
  • One full day of training—7 hours of instruction (or two half days if necessary) 
  • 4 modules 
  • Minimum class size—10 participants
  • Maximum class size—30 participants
  • NACS will ship the participant guides and materials to your office 
  • Your office will be responsible for securing refreshments/ food, AV equipment, flip charts, and markers
MODULE 1: Communicating Effectively Part 1
  • Identify your communication style with customers and colleagues using a DISC-like assessment called “Taking Flight with DiSC” 
  • Discover the strengths and blind spots of your style and understand that ‘how you show up’ with other people matters 
  • Learn how your style intensifies under stress, uncertainty and change
MODULE 2: Communicating Effectively Part 2
  • Become adept at recognizing other’s styles by their body language, words, and pacing
  • Develop your skill at “style flexing” so you can meet others where they are
  • Hone your active listening skills
  • Create an action plan for communicating effectively with your peers, supervisor and customers
MODULE 3: Customer Service Essentials: Resolving Conflict without Damaging Relationships
  • Review customer service essentials
  • Identify constructive and destructive conflict and their causes 
  • Assess individual conflict styles and develop approaches to handling conflict, especially with difficult people 
  • Recover from a service breakdown with grace and success
MODULE 4: Being an Outstanding Teammate 
  • Identify your role on the team and how you play your part for optimal team performance
  • Understand stages of team development and gain tools to help teammates onboard, engage, and perform at the highest level
  • Crystalize skills in building and maintaining relationships on your team



​Please contact us to discuss fees and schedule NACS Foundations of Personal Leadership Program in-house to your staff.

Jenna Collard
Director, Education Engagement
(703) 518-4286

  • Minimum class size—10 participants
  • Maximum class size—30 participants