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Most forecasts predict that traditional petroleum fuels—gasoline and diesel, as well as common blends such as E10 and B5—will continue to dominate the transportation fuels market for years to come.
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Changes in the marketplace have eroded premium gasoline’s sales, but premium still account for roughly 10% of all gasoline sales.
Feb 22, 2017
On-demand fuel delivery services bring the gas station directly to the consumer.
By NACS Magazine
Apr 1, 2016
How CAFE, low carbon standards and more will affect the U.S. retailing fueling business.
Jun 1, 2015
Consumers value different economic factors, which must be addressed in communicating diesel fuel's cost benefits.
By Fuels Institute
Oct 31, 2014
Rising demand for diesel spells changes not just for the energy sector, but the overall economy.
By Fuels Institute
Oct 29, 2014
The annual NACS resource covers consumer and retailer issues, from renewables to gas prices.
By NACS Retail Fuels Report
Feb 1, 2014

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