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Computer-Based Training (CBT)

NACS is no longer able to support functionality of CDs and DVDs (there may be compatibility issues in Windows versions newer than Win9/Vista). To give maximum functionality and engagement for learners, NACS has migrated to an online, learning management system for training products. Please check it out: ​

Specialized NACS Training Can Help Your Company Stay Competitive
Although industry store count has gone up 12.7% the last ten years, growth has slowed to 2% in the last five years. *  To remain competitive in these challenging economic times, smart companies adapt and enhance their business operations. Whether through innovation or best practices, it’s important to refine your craft and constantly improve – that’s how the best rise to the top. To help you succeed, NACS offers a wide array of computer-based education and training specifically designed for the convenience and fuel retailing industry. 

A Smart Investment in Your Future
Our Computer-Based Training programs (CBT) are affordable and effective tools to help strengthen your business. Covering essential topics, like Inventory Loss or Robbery Deterrence, the NACS CBT can help you and your employees increase your knowledge in areas that can make a difference to your top and bottom line. 

We’ve made it easy for you to gain new skills and learn best practices – right from the computer in a store or office setting.  The NACS CBT is available in a convenient DVD (for a classroom setting) or CD-ROM (for an individual) format. To learn more and explore your options, click on the CD-ROM or DVD button. With these tools, you’ll grow a stronger team to help your business thrive.

For more information, contact Doug Spencer at (703) 518-4293.

*NACS 2012 State of the Industry Report ​​​​

Explore our Computer-Based Training Products
Be Our GUEST: The NACS Guide to Good Customer Service CD-ROM DVD
NACS Inventory Loss: How to Prevent It CD-ROM DVD
NACS Preventing Inventory Loss: A Guide for Store Managers CD-ROM DVD
NACS Robbery Deterrence & Personal Safety CD-ROM DVD
NACS Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM) N/A DVD
NACS All's Well: Smart Safety in Your Store CD-ROM DVD
NACS Move It-Fix It-Prevent It: Avoiding Slips, Trips & Falls CD-ROM DVD
Sexual Harassment: Your Rights & Responsibility CD-ROM & Guidebook DVD