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Employee Selection Tools

Make your next hire the right one.
In 2015, the industry turnover rate for convenience store sales associates was 95%1. That's a lot of time and, more importantly, a lot of dollars that go wasted — simply because the right hire didn't happen the first time. We know that identifying, hiring and retaining high performing employees are among your greatest challenges as a business. We can help.  

NACS tools can save you time and money.
If you're relying on interviews and instinct, then you may be making the wrong hires. Research has demonstrated that the best way to hire and retain top performing employees is to administer tests. Employee screening testing can decrease turnover by as much as 50% by systematically identifying ideal target candidates. And, with better quality hiring practices in place, you can save as much as $11,4002 per store, per year.

Imagine having the tools to determine the best possible candidates before you interview them. NACS Employee Selection Tools (EST) help you get ahead of the interview process, so that you interview only those candidates who are right for the job. Specifically designed for the c-store industry, NACS EST measures critical competencies for success, identifies top-quality, service oriented employees and it takes less than 30 minutes.

It's quick, easy and effective.
Simply administer this test to prospective employees before you interview them. The test asks a series of questions that will determine basic skills, dependability, work ethic and other key attributes of long-lasting, top-performing employees. You can take advantage of our easy-to-use web-based version, or utilize our standard paper version — whichever works best for you.

All NACS EST Tests (Web-Based*, Paper/Pencil)
10 - 250   Tests   $8.99 per test
251 - 500 Tests   $7.99 per test
501+ Tests           $6.99 per test
* A one-time $250 set up fee will be billed through Performance-Based Selection Ltd.

1 2015 NACS State of the Industry Compensation Report
2 Performance-Based Selection Ltd.​​


 See What Retailers are Saying


​“Our turnover rate has significantly decreased since we began using the NACS EST. We’ve now made it a mandatory component to our retail hiring procedures. In fact, it’s worked so well for our c-stores, that we also began using it for our restaurants and hotels too!”

- Tina Hutchinson, Human Resources Director
Forward Corporation


"NACS EST has streamlined our hiring process. We love that it is easy to use and we get direct feedback. Plus, the customer service is great! We usually get our questions resolved within twenty minutes… other places take hours.

- Mike Flynn, technology Specialist
Kwik Stop C-stores


 Get Started


​NACS members everywhere are taking advantage of this powerful screening tool to enhance their hiring process, save time and reduce costs. Stay competitive in your industry by hiring the right employees the first time. Learn more and get started by contacting Doug Spencer at (703) 518-4293.