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NACS State of the Industry Compensation Report®

Talent acquisition and retention are two of the most critical elements of success. So, how do you stand up next to the competition when it comes to workforce investments?

When it comes to compensation, how does your business compare to benchmarks and standards across the rest of the convenience and fuel retailing industry? Is your offer competitive? Are you offering more than you need to? Not offering enough to attract and retain good talent? We can help you get answers to these questions, and more.

Build a Competitive Compensation Strategy with Accurate Data
Each spring, NACS publishes its State of the Industry Compensation Report®, providing critical benchmarking data and up-to-date standards in the key human resource categories of compensation, turnover and benefits. The report breaks down the newest available numbers in the convenience industry and is considered an essential guide for HR professionals.

For nearly 40 years, companies have relied on this report for the most accurate snapshot of:

  • Salaries (includes annual base salaries, other compensation and wage increases)
  • Turnover (displayed by region, firm size, and top quartile)
  • Benefits by Position and Exemption Status (medical, health care cost as a percentage of payroll, percentage of enrollment, company contribution)
  • Recruitment (new hires, cost to hire, and screening tools)
  • Small Operator
  • And more!

Be a Part of the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Compensation Report
NACS will start collecting industry data in November 2018 — and we need your support by submitting your company data. The larger the sample size we have, the more data we can analyze which increases the quality of the report. The process of collecting and preparing your data for submission also helps you to understand your own business better and prepares you to benchmark against the industry when the final report is released. Your participation helps NACS, helps the industry and helps you at the same time. 

All survey participants will receive a complimentary copy of the published report (a $349 value).


 See How You Measure Up


Submit your company’s data to NACS to participate in the annual State of the Industry Compensation Report of 2018 and receive a free copy of the report. NACS will start collecting industry data in November 2018.


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Research Coordinator


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NACS State of the Industry Compensation Report of 2017 Data
This digital report provides the latest benchmarking snapshot of compensation levels, turnover rates, benefits and recruitment metrics as reported by 98 c-store companies representing over 17,000 stores. Order your copy today!