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Priority Points Criteria

NACS Show exhibit space is assigned in Priority Points order. Priority points are calculated based on NACS and PEI membership and exhibitor engagement since 2004. This ranking system rewards loyal exhibitors and members of both organizations as earnings have weighted emphasis on membership and tradeshow participation.​​​​​​​​​​​​




Only NACS and PEI Members will qualify for Priority Point selection (January – June 2018). Qualifying exhibitors will select within their assigned Priority Group based on priority points accumulated.

Mid-December 2017 - Point totals and Priority Groups will be communicated to the designated tradeshow and key contacts of NACS and PEI member companies via mail and e-mail. Points are calculated based on earnings, bonuses, and penalties assessed through November 30, 2017. 

​Priority Group Priority Point Range​
Application Open​
(10:00am EST)
​Application Deadline
(11:59pm EST)

Hunter Club Gold

​Nov. 28 - Dec. 8

Nov. 28 - Dec. 8


Hunter Club Silver Nov. 28 - Dec. 8 Nov. 28 - Dec. 8


Hunter Club Bronze ​Nov. 28 - Dec. 8 ​Nov. 28 - Dec. 8


PEI Priority Club Dec. 12 - 13 Dec. 12 - 13​


235++ 0​1/29/18 01/30/18


224-234 02/12/18​ ​02/13/18


201-223 02/20/18 02/21/18


176-200 ​02/26/18 02/27/18


155-175 03/05/18 03/06/18


140-154 ​03/12/18 03/13/18


115-139 03/19/18 03/20/18


92-114 03/26/18 03/27/18


74-91 04/02/18 04/03/18


60-73 04/16/18 04/17/18


46-59 04/23/18 04/24/18


36-45 04/30/18 05/01/18


​30-35 05/07/18 05/08/18


14-29 05/14/18 05/15/18


1-13 05/29/18 05/30/18


0 06/04/18 06/05/18


N/A 07/12/18 10/07/18



1. NACS and PEI members apply for exhibit space based on the Priority Group assigned in mid-December 2017. Online floor plans will be available beginning mi​d-January 2018.

2. As each Priority Group opens, applicants will have 48 hours to submit their online application. Note: Any exhibitor that misses their assigned Priority Group application deadline will be placed in the queue for assignment based on date received without priority point ranking.

3. Applications received by their Priority Group deadline with deposits will be sorted based on points accumulated, and assigned as follows:

  • Priority points (highest to lowest)
  • Tie-breaker – Date/time stamp on application
  • Online floor plans will be updated at least twice daily after assignments begin (late January 2018)

4. Paid exhibitors will receive booth assignment confirmations via e-mail within 5-8 business days.




Points have been calculated based on the following criteria.

  • Annual Membership (10 points) – per year of membership with NACS or PEI (maximum credit for one organization membership)
  • NACS Show Exhibitor (5 points) – per NACS Show exhibit year participated. Primary, paid booth contracts only. Co-exhibitors and cancellations do not receive exhibit points.
  • Booth size purchased per year (scaled points)
    • 3 points – 800+ sq ft
    • 2 points – 400-799 sq ft
    • 1 point – 100-399 sq ft​​​

Priority points are calculated based on NACS and PEI membership and exhibitor engagement since 2004. The points allocated reward loyal exhibitors and members of both organizations with weighted emphasis on membership and tradeshow participation.



  • Advertisement (2-6 points) – Advertisers in the NACS Daily e-newsletter,, NACS Magazine, Cool New Products Guide, NACS Show Onsite Guide, The NACS Show Daily, PEI Journal, and PEI Directory will receive bonus points based on paid advertising through November 30, 2017 (applied towards 2018 booth selection). Maximum 6 bonus points earned. (Learn more about NACS advertising options and PEI advertising options.) Bonus points earned after the deadline will be accrued for the 2019 NACS Show selection groups
  • NACS Exhibitor Pre-Show Prep Experience (2 points) – Participate in the complimentary exhibitor education program, site visit, and networking event and earn bonus points. Points awarded based on attendance and event survey completion. Maximum 2 bonus points earned (limit one bonus per exhibiting company).
  • NACS Ambassador (2 points) – participate in the Ambassador program with perfect attendance at all timeslots reserved, and earn bonus points. Maximum 2 bonus points earned (limit one bonus per exhibiting company).



​Failure to adhere to NACS Show Terms and Conditions will lead to the loss of priority points.

  • Misuse of Exhibitor Badges (6-8 point penalty) – Badges should not be used to register customers or clients for security and liability reasons. All recipients of exhibitor badges must be employees or agents of the exhibiting company. Exhibitors found in violation will receive a written booth violation notice. The policy has been reviewed and approved by NACS and the Exhibitor Advisory Committee (February 2016). Penalty: full deduction of all points earned for the event (maximum 8 points deducted).
  • Early Tear-Down/Dismantle (6-8 point penalty) – Any exhibitor that chooses to tear down or dismantle their booth before the official close of the NACS Show will be subject to penalties. Penalty: full deduction of all points earned for the event (maximum 8 points deducted)
  • Default of Occupancy (No Show) (6-8 point penalty) – Exhibitors that fail to occupy their rented space without prior notification to NACS. Penalty: Full deduction of all points earned for the event (maximum 8 points deducted)
  • Show Rules Violations (1 point per infraction) – Failure to comply with booth display guidelines (i.e. excessive display height, space restrictions), and failure to adhere to exhibitor conduct policies (i.e. marketing outside of booth, excessive noise). Penalty: 1 point for each violation accompanied by a written citation.​​


  • ​Missed Submission Deadline - Any exhibitor that misses their assigned Priority Group application deadline will be placed at the bottom of their group for assignment, or at the top of the next bracket to be assigned.
  • Competitors - Every attempt will be made to ensure that exhibitors are not located next to listed competitors that are listed by the applicant.
  • Companies Drawing Space For or With Others – Companies are prohibited from drawing for each other, except in the case when one company owns a percentage of another company. Proof of ownership may be requested for verification. In addition, the company name displayed on the booth will be restricted to only that of the eligible member company contracting booth space.
  • Priority Points are only earned when a company exhibits at an event. A company paying in full for space does not earn a priority point without exhibiting. Priority points must be earned not purchased.
  • Mergers/Acquisitions – During a merger or acquisition, points cannot be combined. The highest number of earned priority points by the parties involved will be utilized for space selection.​​​



Still have questions? Contact your account manager at NACS or PEI.


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