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Understanding Consumers’ Minds

Episode #42: November 14, 2016

Why do blindfolded taste-test volunteers say that chocolate yogurt tastes like strawberry yogurt? It comes down to psychology–and if your mind is convinced, you react accordingly. On this episode, we interview Adam Brumberg from Cornell who discusses how retailers can use psychology to help increase sales of better-for-you items in stores.

L-R: Adam Brumberg, Jeff Lenard and Carolyn Schnare

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Adam Brumberg, Deputy Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab, Cornell University


Jeff Lenard, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, NACS


Carolyn Schnare, Director, Strategic Initiatives, NACS


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Cornell Food and Brand Lab
Started in 1997, mission of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab is to change how food is purchased, prepared and consumed. Using new tools of behavioral science, we invent healthy eating solutions for consumers, companies and communities.

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