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Energy Muscles Out Alternative

NACS has updated the Alternative Drinks subcategory to Energy Drinks.
October 18, 2017

​ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Fifty-four percent of convenience shoppers choose energy drinks when they “need a boost,” according to a new primary research study conducted by the NACSPanel in partnership with Red Bull. As the close connection between convenience stores and energy drinks has grown, the new NACS Category Definitions and Numbering Guide–Version 7.2 has been updated to "Energy Drinks," replacing the "Alternative Beverages” subcategory.

Energy drinks are commonly consumed during the morning/breakfast daypart and the mid-afternoon, according to the NACSPanel and Red Bull. The research suggests that energy drinks are a great candidate for peak food purchasing occassions in convenience stores. The analysis also found that 72.8% of high-frequency c-store energy drink shoppers purchase and consume energy beverages during the first half of the day. 

The research also shows that consumers are loyal to a particular energy drink brand, with more than one-third of consumers (39%) indicating that they would not change brands based on price. Among energy drink shoppers surveyed, 72.8% purchase and consume their beverage during the first half of the day. These heavy-use shoppers come to a convenience store five to six times per week or more to purchase their favorite energy drink. 

The Energy Drinks subcategory will now include only energy drinks over 4 ounces. Relaxation drinks and neutraceuticals have been re-classified under the “Other Packaged Beverages” subcategory.