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Demand for Electric, Hybrid Cars Remains Static

U.S. electric and hybrid sales at 3.6% of market, slightly down from last year.
September 9, 2014

​DETROIT – Despite a booming U.S. auto market, sales of electric and hybrid cars have stalled this year, capturing 3.6% of the market through August, down slightly from last year's 3.7% share, says research firm, as reported by the Wall Street Journal.

Many auto industry executives and analysts have long predicted that hybrid and electric car sales would continue to grow incrementally as car makers expanded new offerings and public awareness increased. Last year, a total of 581,240 electric and hybrid cars were sold in the United States., according to

For many major car makers, sales volumes are declining as gas prices stabilize and more U.S. buyers return to buying large cars and sport-utility vehicles. Wider adoption of electric and hybrid cars faces many hurdles, including steeper prices than their gasoline-powered rivals and the reality that car makers have rolled out more fuel-efficient engines and increased the mileage ratings on prior generation gas-guzzlers.

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