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Spinx to Launch Mobile App

The company says it’s the first convenience retailer to offer mobile loyalty and payment.
August 30, 2013

​GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Spinx Co. will launch its new Spinx Xtras mobile app on September 3. The app, a free download in both Apple’s App Store and Android’s Google Play, will allow customers to manage their Spinx Xtras loyalty card by earning gas discount rewards, redeeming gas discount rewards at the pump, as well as paying for purchases using a smartphone. With the launch, the Spinx Co. becomes the first convenience retailer to offer a mobile app that combines a loyalty program with a method of payment option.

“We wanted to offer our customers an easy way to manage and maintain their Xtras rewards. This app eliminates the necessity of carrying another physical card. It also provides customers with a secure and simple way to make purchases at Spinx, as well as easy access to their Xtras rewards balance,” said Steve Spinks, CEO and president of The Spinx Co., in a press release

The Spinx Xtras app is easy to use and will eliminate the need to carry the Spinx Xtras card once a customer’s profile has been completed. Customers can set up their Spinx Xtras card number as well as their BI-LO BONUSCARD number into their profile. When using Spinx Xtras to pay for fuel purchases, they receive a 5 cents discount off every gallon of fuel.

To enable the Spinx Xtras card as a method of payment, customers must link their card to their bank account, creating an electronic check. Cards can be linked at www.SpinxXtras.com. The Spinx Co. contracted with National Payment Card Association (NPC), a payment settlement network, to process payment transactions. NPC uses the Federal Reserve Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to process electronic checks. The Spinx Co. selected NPC for their renowned reputation as a secure payment processor.

“It was very important for us to provide our customers with a heavily secured payment processing platform. We want to offer our customers the best value in the safest manner,” said Stan Storti, executive vice president and CFO of The Spinx Co.

The Spinx Xtras app allows customers to use their smartphone to scan at the pump or scan at the register inside the store. When scanning at the pump, the Spinx Xtras app reads a unique QR Code to activate the associated pump. The Spinx Co. is employing the use of POS 3D Scanners to read the mobile barcode when making purchase at the register.