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Socializing Lunch

4Food debuts next month in New York City and wants to turn dining out into a social networking game.
August 18, 2010

NEW YORK - To order a burger at 4Food, a new restaurant opening in September, customers must first log onto to build their hamburger, the New York Times reports.

Customers pick a bun, patty (beef, veggie, salmon or turkey), condiments and a "scoop" to go into the center of the donut-shaped burgers. Scoop choices include mac-and-cheese, baked beans and avocado-and-chili-mango.

Customers name their burger and then they visit the store to pick it up. 4Food has a leaderboard that lists the most-ordered burgers. When a new one is created, it is placed on the leaderboard.

Customers can broadcast their new creations to friends via Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook. Each time someone else orders your creation, you get a 25-cents credit at the restaurant and your burger moves up the leaderboard. Up the number of yoru burgers ordered and you could be eating lunch for free.

4Food has turned lunch into a social networking game and has plans to create a mobile app so customers can order from anyplace. The restaurant itself has numerous power outlets and free Wi-Fi.