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Florida Governor Considers Ethanol Mandate Repeal

A bill that passed the Florida House and Senate would end a requirement for all gasoline sold in the state to contain 9% to 10% ethanol.
May 22, 2013

TALLAHASSEE – After a month’s delay, a bill that would repeal the ethanol blending requirement is headed to the Florida governor, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) reports. The Florida House approved the measure on April 12, while the Florida Senate followed suit on April 24.

On Monday, the bill went on its way to Florida Gov. Rick Scott for his signature. The delay in sending the measure to the governor has not been explained, OPIS reports.

Earlier this year, state Rep. Matt Gaetz put forth the bill that would end the mandate that almost all gasoline sold in the state contain 9% to 10% ethanol by volume. The requirement went into effect Dec. 31, 2010. The current measure would take effect July 1. In addition, the legislation would allow sellers of gasoline to stop sending monthly blended and unblended gasoline numbers to the Florida Department of Revenue.

With the bill on the governor’s desk, Scott now has 15 days to sign or veto it. A spokeswoman told OPIS that the government is “reviewing” the measure. Last year, Scott, along with other governors, had previously lobbied the Environmental Protection Agency for a waiver from the federal renewable fuels standard rules.