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Califia Farms Receives $50 Million Investment
The plant-based milk company seeks to expand manufacturing and promotion.
Posted Jul 17, 2018

AmEx, Amazon Partner on Small Business Credit Card
The credit card company beat other banks to issue the co-branded card.
Posted Jun 29, 2018

Convenience Stores Embrace Payment Apps
Cumberland Farms’ SmartPay mobile app has helped the regional chain connect with customers.
Posted Jun 27, 2018

2017 State of the Industry Report Released
NACS report of 2017 data provides valuable information for retailer benchmarking and decision-making.
Posted Jun 26, 2018

New Coalition Launches to Promote Greater Payments Security
NACS, retail trade groups and debit networks join together to ask for input into card payment security and technology standards.
Posted Jun 8, 2018

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sales Grow More Than $2 Billion
Carbonated soft drinks and bottled water helped drive a boost in industry retail value.
Posted May 14, 2018

Gain a Competitive Edge at the NACS Financial Leadership Program
Held at The Wharton School, this intense program challenges attendees to expand their financial insights.
Posted May 11, 2018

Credit Card Companies Ditch the Signature
This month, all major credit card firms will no longer require a signature for purchases made with chip cards.
Posted Apr 6, 2018

NACS Signs Aggregation under 199A Letter
The letter asks the U.S. Treasury and IRS to permit pass-throughs to aggregate business entities when claiming the new 20% tax deduction.
Posted Mar 20, 2018

American Express Trims Discount Rates
The financial firm wants more retailers to accept payment with its cards.
Posted Mar 14, 2018

Amazon Accepts Bids for Small Business Credit Card
The online retailer wants a co-branded card as part of its strategy to supply small retailers and businesses.
Posted Mar 14, 2018

Why Millennials Aren’t Embracing Credit Cards
Only one in three millennials carries plastic, while those 18 to 24 years old prefer cash.
Posted Mar 2, 2018

Consumers Use Debit Cards Over Credit Cards
Research shows a strong preference for debit versus credit cards.
Posted Feb 21, 2018

Retailers Praise Amex for Dropping Signatures
Merchants now are asking Visa to ditch the signature requirement as well.
Posted Dec 13, 2017

Visa Moves to Fingerprint Payments in Australia
The new standards will help counter fraud by removing the need for a personal identification number.
Posted Dec 8, 2017

MasterCard Nixes Signature Mandate
By April 2018, the credit card company will no longer require that users sign at point of sale.
Posted Oct 23, 2017

American Express Case Goes to U.S. Supreme Court
The high court agreed to hear an appeal that challenges the credit-card firm’s push of customers to use credit cards with lower transaction fees.
Posted Oct 18, 2017

Gas Stations Waiting Longer to Convert to EMV
The industry has many additional considerations, such as older pumps that could incur significant expense and effort to upgrade.
Posted Sep 19, 2017

U.K. Bans Credit Card Fees
The surcharges will be prohibited starting in January.
Posted Jul 21, 2017

Pinnacle, Worldpay Deliver Chip Card Certification to Palm POS Solution
The Pinnacle Corporation and Worldpay team will enhance their security through chip card certification.
Posted Jun 9, 2017

Amazon Cash Provides Another Way to Pay
The online retailer wanted to give those without credit cards a payment option.
Posted Apr 5, 2017

Banks Move to More Automation
Self-banking is likely to grow, as technological advances pave the way for robo-banks.
Posted Feb 10, 2017

The Future of Cash
The head of iPad-based POS system Revel predicts the demise of cash.
Posted Oct 20, 2016

Verifone Implements Conexxus Mobile Payment Standard
The loyalty program aids with a frictionless mobile payment and rewards-enabled experience.
Posted Oct 19, 2016

Judge Gives Retailers Approval to Move EMV Case Forward
Meanwhile, NACS President and CEO Henry Amour’s op-ed shows how important debit swipe fee reform has been to merchants and consumers alike.
Posted Oct 10, 2016

AmEx Can Prevent Retailers From Pushing Other Credit Cards
A federal appeals court ruled that American Express can forbid merchants from steering customers to cards with lower transaction fees.
Posted Sep 28, 2016

Square Partners With Software Entrepreneurs
The mobile payment system has deals with Vend and TouchBistro.
Posted Aug 31, 2016

Small Businesses Embrace Mobile Payments Over Credit Cards
The move to EMV standards has spurred independent retailers to encourage mobile payments rather than traditional credit and debit cards.
Posted Aug 26, 2016

CVS Launches Mobile Payment Option
CVS Pay is now part of the drugstore’s smartphone app.
Posted Aug 17, 2016

Proposed Regulations Seek to Close Estate and Gift Tax Loophole
The changes introduced by the U.S. Treasury will impact estates in excess of $5.45 million.
Posted Aug 3, 2016

Visa Files Suit Against Walmart
The credit card company countersued the retailer, alleging that the company tested a payment system that sidestepped the need for signature verification.
Posted Jul 1, 2016

What Will ISO20022 Mean to Your Business?
July 21 webinar covers the requirements for the next generation payment standard for petroleum retailers.
Posted Jun 28, 2016

NACS Payroll Card Program Provides Retailers With Payment Solutions
The association has a program that helps lower payroll costs for both the retailer and employee.
Posted Jun 3, 2016

Visa Invests in Square
Stake in Square signals Visa’s move as a major player in the mobile payments landscape.
Posted Feb 15, 2016

Verifone Expands Services for Large Retailers
By acquiring AJB Software Design, Verifone will deliver enhanced vertical functionality.
Posted Jan 25, 2016

The 411 on EMV: What It Means to Retailers
Join Conexxus on January 21 for a free webinar on the myths and realities of EMV conversion.
Posted Jan 13, 2016

More Consumers Paying Via Mobile Devices
A new survey finds that the leading in-store mobile payment methods are PayPal and bank apps.
Posted Jan 4, 2016

Europeans Limit Credit Card Fees
If it can work in Europe, why not in the United States?
Posted Dec 8, 2015

ATM Fees Reach Record High
The fees customers pay to withdraw money have increased 21% over the past five years.
Posted Oct 6, 2015

Durbin Calls for Further Changes in Swipe Fee Reform
In an op-ed, the Illinois senator declared that current fees don’t do enough to help retailers or consumers.
Posted Sep 25, 2015

7-Eleven and PayNearMe Join Forces
The retailer and the financial services tech company launch an app for people to pay their bills with cash at participating stores.
Posted Sep 25, 2015

Federal Reserve Adopts NACHA’s Same-Day ACH Rule
The association calls the new rules a “game changer.”
Posted Sep 24, 2015

American Express Launches Amex Express Checkout
Much like PayPal, the new service uses a card member’s password instead of a card number or swiping a card for purchases.
Posted Jul 13, 2015

Big Fees for Small Businesses
When it comes to accepting payments, small retailers face big challenges.
Posted May 6, 2015

Discover Gets on Board With Apple Pay
The last holdout among major card companies, Discover has reached an agreement with Apple Pay.
Posted Apr 28, 2015

Chocolate Lovers: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
Chocolate makers caution that worldwide cocoa shortage likely by 2020.
Posted Nov 19, 2014

Lower Gas Prices Already Leading to Bigger Baskets
Retailers like Walmart attribute Q3 increase in part to low prices at the pump.
Posted Nov 17, 2014

Main Street Businesses Express Pessimism
Issues such as health care and minimum wage increases may be keeping small business from hiring.
Posted Sep 16, 2014

August Retail Spending Growth Strongest in Over a Year
Leisure spending at a six-month high, with travel and back-to-school propelling growth.
Posted Sep 15, 2014

Merchant Customer Exchange Unveils Mobile Payment Network
Retailers’ CurrentC™ will improve the loyalty, shopping and payment experience.
Posted Sep 4, 2014

A New Type of Special Teams: Payments matches up the top companies when it comes to payments.
Posted Aug 27, 2014

SD City Council Overrides Mayor, Approves Minimum Wage Hike
Rate hike to $9.75 to take effect January 1, 2015.
Posted Aug 22, 2014

“Venmo Me” is New Money Exchange Directive of Millennials
Peer-to-peer payment app Venmo is achieving strong growth among Gen Y consumers.
Posted Aug 22, 2014

Small Business Sentiment Rose in July
Latest NFIB report shows positive sentiment, especially regarding expansion plans.
Posted Aug 14, 2014

June Consumer Inflation Rises on High Gasoline Prices
June gas prices showed largest rise, while food prices showed smallest rise this year.
Posted Jul 23, 2014

American Express Battle With DOJ Could Affect Retailers
Court case tests legality of credit card company’s “take it or leave it” policy.
Posted Jul 9, 2014

CFOs Upbeat About Business, but Not Washington
Executives urge reform of corporate tax policy at Wall Street Journal conference.
Posted Jun 25, 2014

May Consumer Spending Shows Healthy Year-Over-Year Growth
Improved weather and greater demand may account for growth.
Posted Jun 13, 2014

Job Openings Return to Pre-Recession Levels
Latest report from the U.S. Department of Labor shows job openings at 4.5 million, a seven-year high.
Posted Jun 12, 2014

New Store Productivity Rankings Released
Apple, Murphy USA, Tiffany & Co. top eMarketer’s list of most productive stores measured by sales per square foot.
Posted May 20, 2014

States Consider Taxing Take-and-Bake Pizza
Currently, many states label take-and-bake pizza as grocery items, exempt from sales tax.
Posted May 14, 2014

Denver Drops Credit Card Swipe Fees
Without the fees, credit card payments surged.
Posted Mar 31, 2014

Small Employers Should Check Out Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
The IRS also offers helpful resources and tax tips for small businesses on its website.
Posted Mar 12, 2014

Retail Employment Down 6,700 in February
Trade group argues against raising the minimum wage, saying it would “hamper economic growth” and drive up unemployment.
Posted Mar 11, 2014

Will Cash Make a Comeback?
With the recent spat of major retailers experiencing data breaches tied to credit and debit card payments, a number of U.S. shoppers are embracing cash.
Posted Feb 5, 2014

Post Office Looks to Financial Services
The USPS wants to offer prepaid debit cards and small loans as a way to end its financial troubles.
Posted Jan 29, 2014

T-Mobile Launches Prepaid Card
The phone company is the latest merchant to jump into the banking world with a prepaid card.
Posted Jan 24, 2014

Visa, MasterCard Relax Rules for Marijuana Purchases
The two credit and debit card processors have put the onus on the retailers’ financial firms to decide what’s an illegal transaction.
Posted Jan 10, 2014

Economic Recovery Pace Quickening
Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke expresses optimism that the U.S. recovery should accelerate this year.
Posted Jan 7, 2014

Holiday Sales Results Mixed
Heavy promotions lured holiday shoppers, but at what price for retailers?
Posted Jan 7, 2014

Some Areas Recording Record Home Prices
Industry experts worry that low interest rates may be distorting home prices.
Posted Dec 31, 2013

Economy Gaining Momentum Heading Into 2014
Business investment and new home purchases are on the rise, news that points to a growing economy.
Posted Dec 27, 2013

AMEX Agreement Hurts Customers and Merchants
The Merchants Payments Coalition calls the agreement a “mistake that will hurt merchants and their customers.”
Posted Dec 20, 2013

U.S. Industrial Production Tops Pre-Recession Peak
Data support evidence that the economy is continuing to improve.
Posted Dec 19, 2013

So-So-So: Retail Holiday Sales Rise Modestly
Mission shopping is on the rise this year, with shoppers sticking to a game plan as they hit the aisles, both virtual and real.
Posted Dec 3, 2013

Small Business Lending on the Rise
As of June, there were nearly $300 billion in small business loans outstanding.
Posted Oct 1, 2013

Federal Reserve Maintains Stimulus Effort
Worried about a rise in borrowing costs, the Fed decides to continue purchasing bonds.
Posted Sep 19, 2013

Lack of Innovation Foreshadows Protracted Economic Downturn
An economist at Northwestern University maintains that U.S. companies are not innovating like they used to, which spells trouble ahead for an economic recovery.
Posted Sep 10, 2013

Four Months and Counting: Retail Sales Rise in July
Retail sales rose in July for the fourth consecutive month, a sign that the economy is breaking free from the effects of higher taxes and budget cuts.
Posted Aug 14, 2013

U.S. Should Follow European Commission’s Lead on Swipe Fees
The EU is proposing a cap on credit card swipe fees at 0.3%, drastically lower than the current cost for U.S. consumers to swipe their cards, and 0.2% for debit card swipe fees.
Posted Jul 22, 2013

European Union Proposes Capping Card Fees Washington Report
The proposal would limit debit and credit card transaction fees to 0.2%.
Posted Jul 18, 2013

Small Businesses Looking to Bitcoin
Virtual currency avoids steep swipe fees and cash handling concerns.
Posted Jun 28, 2013

U.S. Spending Loses Momentum
Consumer demand fell in March after registering a strong gain in February.
Posted May 2, 2013

Banks Entering Prepaid Card Market
Banks are looking for an additional revenue stream with a prepaid debit card, a fast-growing market.
Posted Apr 16, 2013

Current State of M&A and the Financial Markets
Financial advisors from Raymond James asked the provocative question, “Could this be the year we’ve been waiting for?”
Posted Apr 12, 2013

Industry Experts Headline NACS SOI Summit
The NACS State of the Industry Summit will feature keynotes from industry experts in convenience retail, consumer shopping behavior, motor fuels and capital markets.
Posted Feb 22, 2013

Ahead of the Curve? Tech Investors Focus on Food
From coffee roasters to faux meat manufacturers, foodie firms are being showered with Silicon Valley money.
Posted Oct 18, 2012

Banks Fees Rising
A survey from reveals ATM fees and checking fees have risen to record highs this year.
Posted Sep 28, 2012

Consumer Bank Fees Unrelated to Swipe Fees
The monthly service fees that banks charge consumers are unrelated to debit swipe fees, notes the Merchants Payments Coalition, analyzing data from and
Posted Sep 6, 2012

Retail Sales Drop for Third Consecutive Month
Car sales are the lone bright spot for June, with sales jumping 22% from the same month a year ago.
Posted Jul 17, 2012

Prepaid Cards to Jump 22.4% This Year
The potential volume for prepaid cards could top $247 billion in 2012, according to Packaged Facts.
Posted Jun 29, 2012

NACS Card Processing Program Launches Refer a Friend Program
Each referral of a credit-approved merchant sent between now and August 1 earns a $100 credit.
Posted May 9, 2012

Far From Over
The economy is "still crawling out of a very deep hole," writes The New York Times.
Posted Apr 10, 2012

States Search for Software That Cheats on Taxes
Officials in five states are cracking down on computer programs that help businesses keep two sets of books.
Posted Apr 5, 2012

Visa Boosts Prepaid Interchange Rates
The new interchange schedule takes effect October 1, and the biggest increase in the Visa-branded prepaid categories is for automated fuel dispenser transactions.
Posted Sep 12, 2011

Consumer Spending Increased in July
Surpassing economists' forecasts, U.S. consumer spending rose 0.8 percent last month, the largest gain since February.
Posted Aug 30, 2011

Banks Testing Monthly Fees for Debit Cards
Wells Fargo announced this week that it will begin testing a monthly fee for consumers to use their debit cards, a move some banks say is necessary because of new rules contained in the Durbin Amendment.
Posted Aug 19, 2011

Walmart Expands Check, Card Cashing Services
Now the retailer will cash payroll and eligible government benefit cards.
Posted Aug 10, 2011

Visa Announces New Participation Fee
Post-Durbin Amendment, Visa plans to offer a fixed network participation fee and reduce its variable processing fee for its cards.
Posted Aug 1, 2011

Heartland Readies "Durbin Dollars" for Merchants
Later this year the payment processor will pass along savings in debit card swipe fees.
Posted Aug 1, 2011

Mobile Credit Card Reader: There's an App for That
Apple begins selling Square card readers at its stores, formally endorsing the square chip that plugs into an iPhone headphone jack and allows users to process credit card payments.
Posted Apr 21, 2011

More Costly Food and Gas Threatens to Slow Economy
Some economists have begun lowering their growth forecasts for the quarter, because of skyrocketing fuel and food prices.
Posted Apr 19, 2011

American Express Announces New Digital Payment Platform
Serve offers person-to-person, online, mobile and traditional card capabilities in a single account.
Posted Apr 1, 2011

PNC Bank Keeps Free Checking
The financial services company will not add fees to its basic checking accounts.
Posted Mar 2, 2011

SBA Lending Declines for Big, Small Firms
Commercial real estate loans were down 4.1 percent, with loans exceeding $100,000 posting a gain of two percent.
Posted Feb 22, 2011

Chargebacks Hurt Small Businesses
The practice of reversing credit card transactions when a customer disputes the charge creates headaches for retailers.
Posted Feb 14, 2011

Retailers Court Unbanked Customers With Financial Offerings
With millions of Americans eschewing bank accounts, more merchants are providing banking services to customers.
Posted Feb 2, 2011

Congressional Committees Take Aim at SBA Programs
The SBA "could look considerably leaner in the coming months" if legislators have their way, who are searching to remove costly, ineffective programs.
Posted Feb 1, 2011

Apple Gets Into Mobile Wallet Game
The tech company has its own version of a microchip that would allow payments to be processed via its iPhone.
Posted Jan 31, 2011

Beer Money
Sam Adams founder offering loans to small businesses.
Posted Jan 27, 2011

Will Credit Cards Become Obsolete?
Some are predicting that paying with plastic might go the way of vinyl records soon.
Posted Jan 26, 2011

FDIC Addresses Lending to Small Businesses
The FDIC recommends that banks look less at collateral value and instead focus on business cash flow when assessing whether to approve a loan.
Posted Jan 18, 2011

Weak Economy Saps Dollar Stores' Strength
As the economic recovery appears dim, margins are expected to thin, leading to a loss of profits for the ubiquitous dollar store retailers.
Posted Sep 30, 2010

Financial Institutions Eager for Smartphones Payments
The banks and credit card companies are ready to transform plastic payments into mobile ones.
Posted Sep 27, 2010

Gatorade To Be Distributed Via Direct Delivery
The change represents the company's first large-scale move toward optimizing PepsiCo's delivery systems resulting from its bottling acquisitions earlier this year.
Posted Sep 2, 2010

Fed Committed to Prevent Second Recession
Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke says the central bank "will do all that it can do to ensure continuation of the economic recovery."
Posted Aug 31, 2010

Visa Stands to Lose on Swipe Fees
The SF Chronicle looks at SF-based Visa and what it stands to lose from the recent federal financial reform bill.
Posted Aug 25, 2010

Fed Report Delivers Positive Lending News
For the first time since late 2006, banks of all sizes have begun easing standards on small business loans. However, applying for a loan can still be a nightmare.
Posted Aug 25, 2010

How Secure Are ATMs?
Security experts posit that lower-volume machines might be less secure.
Posted Aug 18, 2010

Declining Cigarette Sales Could Trigger Tobacco Bond Defaults
With several states having bonds backed by tobacco-company payments, defaults could start happening as soon as 2030.
Posted Aug 9, 2010

P&G Predicts Uneven U.S. Recovery
CPG leader said it expects the economy to continue to struggle in the coming year, with a divide between the shopping behaviors of the employed and unemployed widening.
Posted Aug 5, 2010

Speedway SuperAmerica Announces Speedy Rewards Pay Card
The company has partnered with the National Payment Card Association on a Speedway-branded debit card tied into loyalty cards.
Posted Aug 3, 2010

J.P. Morgan Offers Small Businesses Rate Cuts If They Hire
Bank will lower the interest rate it charges on a small business line of credit by half a percentage point for every new hire the business makes, up to three hires.
Posted Jul 1, 2010

Woolworths Goes Up Against Visa
Australia's biggest retailer is battling Visa over swipe fees.
Posted Jun 9, 2010

Do ATMs Confuse Older Congressional Members?
Sen. Tom Harkin has been angling to limit ATM fees but his colleagues refused to sign on to his amendment last week.
Posted May 24, 2010

Canadian Government Issues Revised Credit, Debit Card Industry Code of Conduct
The Canadian Convenience Stores Association still has concerns about the way the credit card companies operate.
Posted May 3, 2010

California Looks at Raising Gift Card Cash Outs
The Senate has a bill that would double the amount of gift card cash outs from $10 to less than $20.
Posted Apr 21, 2010

Kansas City Federal Reserve Seeks Input for Payment Card Fraud Survey
The Merchants Payments Coalition is asking retailers to participate in the study.
Posted Mar 24, 2010