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September 2011
Cover Story |Not Your Grandfather's Fuel Theft
Gas theft still plagues retailers but sophisticated new
methods of stealing fuel bring additional threats.


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Feature | Sole Proprietor
Don Sammons owns and operates a convenience store and gas station in Buford, Wyoming, the nation's smallest town, with Sammons as its sole resident.

Feature | Rest Area Monopoly
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Organized retail theft grows as criminals target stores.

Feature | The Official Article of "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold"
Sheetz took a risk pairing up with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock and enjoyed unparalleled brand exposure.

Feature | Billboards Reach On-the-Go Customers
Outdoor advertising promotes a wide variety of products, services and companies, including c-stores.

Ideas 2 Go | Nostalgia With a Twist 
Sammy's Country Store in Louisiana mixes old-time familiarity with modern convenience.

Ideas 2 Go | Cooler Wars 
Retailers of all shapes and sizes battle it out for the consumer's soft drink dollar.

Inside Washington | Taxing Fuel Sales? 
Expiration of the federal excise tax on gas and diesel could increase price-gouging allegations for retailers.

Category Close-Up | Earning Its Keep
In spite of its small size, the general merchandise category €" lighters, cellphone accessories and kid-friendly fads — produce healthy margins.

Category Close-Up | Is an Energy Boost Enough?
Vitamins, supplements and energy shots lift health and beauty care category growth.

Global Trends | People Power 
Co-operatively run stores are springing up in the U.K. and the benefits they bring to local communities outweigh any challenges in the operating model.

Capitol Punishment | Teach a Man to Fish...

Supplier Side | The Art of Lead Retrieval
Capturing leads at the NACS Show should be your number-one goal.

A NACS from the Past | 50? Try 80!
Weigel's Stores, founded in 1931, celebrates its 80th anniversary.​​


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