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What HR tools does NACS offer?

​Employee Selection Tools (EST) 
In 2015, the industry turnover rate for convenience store sales associates was 95%1. That's a lot of time and, more importantly, a lot of dollars that go wasted — simply because the right hire didn't happen the first time. We know that identifying, hiring and retaining high performing employees are among your greatest challenges as a business. We can help.

Discount Prescription Drug Card
To help NACS members provide health benefits to their part time or otherwise uninsured employees, NACS developed a specialized discount prescription drug card program. Available only to NACS members, this free program can give your uninsured employees a helping hand with deep discounts for their prescription drug needs.

NACS Payroll Card Program
To help both employers and their employees, NACS has partnered with Money Network, a First Data Company, to offer the Money Network Service—a solution that helps reduce retailers’ payroll expenses while enabling their employees to avoid the costs associated with cashing paper paychecks.